New Trailer & Premiere Date: Accident, Suicide, or Murder Season 5!

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Accident, Suicide, or Murder is coming back for a fifth season. Oxygen has declared the genuine wrongdoing series' return date with the discharge of a trailer.

Debuting in 2019, the arrangement tells stories of suspicious passings and uncovers how those behind the following examination figured out how the individual kicked the bucket. Was it a basic mischance, a suicide, or a Murder ?

Oxygen uncovered more approximately the arrangement in a press discharge.

“Accident, Suicide or Murder” is back Saturday, May 18 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Oxygen Genuine Crime for a fifth season that uncovers the staggering and startling truths behind passings soaks in riddle.

“Accident, Suicide, or Murder” investigates the extraordinary genuine stories of suspicious passings that either at first show up to be an mischance, suicide or Murder . In any case, as examiners begin to reveal prove and clues, questions come into play driving them down an startling course. Through the course of holding accounts from analysts and the victim's family individuals, it gets to be clear that some of the time the cause of passing isn't continuously what it appears.

To begin with responders, law authorization who worked resolutely to reveal the truth, and family and companions who looked for equity for casualties and authoritative answers with respect to their less than ideal passings give firsthand accounts of how thought processes were uncovered as the examinations unfurled.


  • In a case dating back to 1985, a previous LA Province Sheriff Pack Unit Examiner, George Arthur, is included in a car mishap which is at first ruled an mishap. But was his passing truly an mishap or the result of pack revenge?
  • When a pregnant armed force spouse and mother is found shot to passing in her domestic, it is ruled a suicide, but a tireless police examination opens a mischievous plot and insider facts buried in fiery debris thousands of miles absent.
  • Barbara Loesch is found dead in her hot tub by an clear inadvertent suffocating. The case takes an unforeseen turn when a familial association to her husband's Murder two a long time earlier comes to light.
  • After a few patients of a legitimate clinic are biting the dust from apparently characteristic causes at an disturbing rate, a specialist and a coroner set out on a journey to find on the off chance that the passings are coincidental or being caused intentionally by the hand of a healing center specialist.
  • The arrangement digs into the passing of, Logan Youthful Jr., an affluential and broadly polarizing figure within the college football world. Seem his passing be an mischance or a crazed football fan looking for vindicate?
  • After a prepared shake climber falls to his passing “Accident, Suicide or Murder” explores whether this was basically an mishap or a Murder at the hands of a companion.

“Accident, Suicide or Murder” is delivered by Left/Right Preparations with Banks Tarver, Insight Druckerman and Josh Bingham serving as official makers.

The trailer for Accident, Suicide, or Murder season five is underneath.

What do you think? Have you observed this Oxygen arrangement? Do you arrange to tune in for season five another month? 


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