Lisa Frankenstein: Box Office Flop

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Diablo Cody claimed Hollywood for a Unused York Miniature.

The stripper-turned-screenwriter had a wild individual story and a executioner hit with 2007's “Juno.” The pro-life motion picture earned four Oscar assignments, counting Best Unique Screenplay. Cody won the statuette for her screenwriting make a big appearance, and her career detonated.

It's been a moderate, but relentless downhill slide ever since.

Quality movies like “Young Adult” ($16 million) and “Tully” ($9 million) got small footing at the box office. Her horror/comedy half breed “Jennifer's Body” ($16 million) too landed with a crash in spite of sizable buildup.

Other Cody-led ventures never cleared out the beginning entryway.

Presently, she's the title behind what will likely be one of 2024's greatest flops.

“Lisa Frankenstein” is set to win generally $4 million in its opening box office end of the week, a loathsome pull, period, but indeed more regrettable given the need of competition. Cody's screenplay, coordinated by Zelda Williams (“House of D”), may be a “coming of rage” story of a youthful lady (Kathryn Newton) who creates a smash on a revived carcass (Cole Sprouse).

Yes, it's a pitch-black comedy set within the 1980s for nostalgia's purpose, but faultfinders weren't awed – 50 percent “rotten” at Spoiled Tomatoes.

A single-joke play that's as well self-aware to be particularly clever, freaky or exciting. – The Modern York Post

The film opened on 3,143 screens but will battle to pass the $5 million check in spite of no major discharges drenching up audiences' consideration.

Center Highlights didn't plan any Denver-based pundit screenings and wouldn't give this analyst with a screening connect when inquired.)

Quick Reality:
Cody afterward said she lamented composing “Juno” since numerous grasped it as a pro-life highlight. “I took Roe [v. Swim] for allowed, and numerous of us did. I was fair making; I never aiming the motion picture as any kind of political articulation at all. I can't envision being that guiltless again.”

The box office in common proceeds to battle within the wake of final year's dueling strikes. The weekend's big “winner,” “Argylle,” earned fair $6 million. Warner Bros. scored the no. 9 motion picture with a re-release of 2021's “Dune” ($1.5 million) to prep groups of onlookers for the sequel's Walk 1 release.

As it were word of mouth can rescue “Lisa Frankenstein” presently, and another week offers more genuine competition. The Valentine's Day end of the week will see two major discharges – “Madame Web” and “Bob Marley:
One Love.”

Those titles moreover may battle dramatically.

Box Office Professional predicts “Bob Marley:
One Love” will catch $11 – 16 million in its opening outline. “Madame Web,” the most recent passage within the cooling superhero sort, is on target to win $25-35 million, distant underneath the foremost later super-flop “The Marvels” ($46 million).


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