Florence Pugh: Camera Mishap in Oppenheimer Scene

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Florence Pugh Recalls Camera Mishap During Oppenheimer Intimate Scene

If you haven't watched the film yet, Florence takes on the role of psychiatrist and doctor Jean Tatlock, engaged in a sexual relationship and subsequent affair with J. Robert Oppenheimer, portrayed by Cillian.

Throughout the movie, Florence participates in several nude scenes, but it was during a particularly intimate moment that a mishap occurred.

During an Oppenheimer panel moderated by Jamie Dornan, Florence, alongside co-stars Cillian and Emily Blunt, shared the incident where the camera malfunctioned "in the middle of our sex scene."

"Our camera broke when we were both naked, and it was not ideal timing."

Florence explained that due to the limited number of cameras available for shooting, the crew had to address the issue on the spot.

"Cillian and I are in this room together. It's a closed set, so we're both holding our bodies like this," she said, illustrating the chaos.

Despite the awkward situation, Florence seized the opportunity to engage and learn about the camera's technicalities.

"I'm like, well, this is my moment to learn. 'So tell me, what's wrong with this camera?'" she recalled asking the person attempting to fix the issue. "You just make your moments. I'm like, 'What's going on with the shutter here, buddy?'"

Ultimately, director Christopher Nolan determined that the lighting setup was causing the problem, and they quickly resumed shooting.

Reflecting on the entire incident, Florence praised the people involved in the Oscar-nominated film and emphasized what an extraordinary filmmaking experience it was.

“It was just crazy that every person on this set was so knowledgeable and ready to make this kind of a movie that there was no dull moment,” she stated during the panel. “It felt like we were lucky to be there every second of the day.”

Since Oppenheimer's release last year, the film's R-rated scenes have sparked discussions, with some viewers deeming them "unnecessary." However, many individuals associated with the film, including Cillian and Christopher, have defended the scenes, emphasizing their significance to the story.

“I think the relationship that he has with Jean Tatlock is one of the most crucial emotional parts of the film,” Cillian expressed. “I think if they're key to the story, then they’re worthwhile.”

Christopher defended the scenes, acknowledging feeling "appropriately nervous" as it was his first time directing such scenes. He emphasized the importance of understanding the characters' relationship without being elusive, aiming for intimacy and a genuine portrayal of the pivotal connection.


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